Act like a leader, Think like a leader

ibarraЯ последнее время всем рассказываю про книгу о лидерстве Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader , которую я недавно прочитала. На мой взгляд, это лучшее, что можно прочитать человеку на той стадии карьеры, когда надо сделать качественный скачок с высокоэффективного исполнителя на формат лидера. Дошло до того, что я потом заказала бумажную копию, чтобы сделать закладки и выделить важные куски текста, к которым стоит возвращаться. Я сделала краткое изложение книги для коллег на работе, ниже копирую текст.



— In order to become a leader you need to act first and learn from this experience. No need to reflect on what kind of leader you want to be, because until you start the transition process, you will never know. The only way you change how you think, is to do different things.

— Leadership is not a destination, it is a process with a lot of ups and downs, so while doing this you need to focus on the learning from your regular actions rather than waiting that at some point you will wake up and feel yourself a leader.

— We usually enjoy what we do well, so we do more of it thinking that it will be rewarded in the end with a leadership role. But we do not learn anything new in the process, so we need to do more unusual things or things we are bad at.

— Overtime, it gets more costly to invest in learning to do new things. The be‚er we are at something, the higher the opportunity cost of spending time doing something else. So we avoid the areas in which we will necessarily feel weak at first. This self-reinforcing property of learning makes people sustain their current focus in the short term.

— The best leaders work as bridges between the team and its external environment versus focusing on the team and day-to-day tasks.

— At its essence, management entails doing today’s work as efficiently and competently as possible within established goals, procedures, and organizational structures. Leadership, in contrast, is aimed at creating change in what we do and how we do it, which is why leadership requires working outside established goals, procedures, and structures and explaining to others why it’s important to change — even when the reasons may be blatantly obvious to us.

— Many people do not feel comfortable with networking because they feel like they are “using people” while we need to look at networking as a way to promote ideas that will be beneficial for a company. So by knowing right people on higher levels you can bring more positive change to a company.

— New behavior feels unnatural, so one of the ways to start doing new things is to use other people as examples and experiment with your own style by copying existing ones. Technically you “fake it until you make it”.

— Authenticity traps really get you into trouble when you are stepping up to a leadership, because what feels like the authentic you is the old self that you are trying to shed. One way to escape the authenticity trap is to think about experimenting with new behaviors as playing around with your sense of who you are instead of working on it. The new behaviors might feel unnatural in the beginning, but they help you figure out who you might want to be, without your actually commiting to become it.

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